Employees access their reviews on a regular basis, update their objectives and create new objectives for themselves Helen Taylor, McLernons Computers
Diagram illustrating how Appraisd can enable a little and often style of performance management, with check-ins, goal catchups, and maybe a final end-year review

Little and often

Bridge the gap between annual reviews with frequent check-ins and mini reviews

Great interface, user friendly system with clear instructions and excellent support. Brilliant stuff, keep up the good work! IT Programme & Change Manager, LLDC

What work are you really proud of?

Your competencies

What does teamwork mean for you?

How does Jenny get things done?

What's the best thing about working here?

Just the way you want it

Customise Appraisd with your forms, competencies, values and see them brought to life

The automated approach, yet still personal - makes this the best tool (in my view) out there, after doing extensive research Jakes Kruger, FD, Rewired Digital
Appraiser with bald head Young female appraisee with ponytail Young man Someone with longish hair Person with glasses who might enjoy a performance review

Made for employees

Appraisd is designed to delight your people, not get in their way

Making objectives matter

SMART goals, OKRs, personal development plans...

Align them, track them, measure them all year round to make them really count

A joy to use

A beautiful clear design that's easy to grasp and a pleasure to use

Benefits for HR

Change your role from chasing to supporting, from filing to enlightening

  • Less administration

  • Scheduled email reminders keep everyone up to date
  • Automated filing and archiving
  • Import and bulk-edit tools to keep your data in shape
  • Alerts when your attention is needed
  • More strategy

  • Pull reports of training needs or overall ratings
  • Use the org chart to highlight important metrics
  • Discover and develop your outstanding performers
  • Find out who's disengaged and act on it
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