Appraisd is packed with features that makes life easier for employees, managers and Human Resources.


Reviews, Check-ins and Appraisals

Continuous performance management with check-ins and 1-2-1s as well as mid-year and and-year reviews. All on one platform

Reviews, check-ins, appraisals - choose whatever works for your organisation

Create unlimited different review forms with variations for different individuals, departments and levels

Choose a workflow and appraisal cycle that suits you

Give matrix managers a change to contribute

Spot the changes from one appraisal to the next with a complete appraisal history

Analyse performance and scores in just a few clicks

Add private notes to build up your assessment at any time

Produce company-wide reports of ratings and comments in just a few clicks. Filter by departments and individuals to establish patterns and trends

Receive automatic email alerts when action is needed, as well as occasional monthly-digest emails

Objectives, Goals, KPIs

Add and update objectives throughout the year

You and your manager can make progress updates to keep the dialogue going

Customise your objectives template to suit your organisation's way of working. Cascade objectives down from line manager to team member. Ask employees how they're going to contribute to your organisation's overall goals

Copy objectives from one person to another

Produce reports of objectives, KPIs and personal development activities in just a few clicks

Administration and Reporting

Automated email alerts and mail-merge tools cut out the boring tasks, leaving HR to focus on analysis and development

Import your user data in bulk to get up and running quickly

Make changes to users and appraisals in bulk quickly and easily

Easy to read help pages with train-the-trainer suggestions and ideas

Live chat support to solve problems instantly

Activity log that tells you who's doing what and when

Add, remove and update your people list easily (and keep your leavers' data for free)

Pull detailed metrics on review status across your organisation....

... or drill down deeper into specific departments, locations and managers

Use our org chart to highlight interesting metrics such as people with no objectives

Upload your company's own Job Description library on Appraisd and make it part the review process

Assign different levels of visibility to different administrators

Export all reports to Excel at the click of a button


We know what you need now will be different to what you need in three years' time.

That's why Appraisd has been designed to evolve over time. You have the power to customise much of Appraisd yourself without paying for expensive consultations. And if you need any help, we'll guide you through it at no extra cost.

Add Department and Location fields, or others of your choice which can be used to slice data when reporting

Personliase your account by adding your company logo and a background image

Specify your own colour scheme. Use HEX and RGB codes to mirror your organisation's theme

Your review cycle can be configured to ensure everyone's working to the same schedule. Or just let managers and employees decide between them when they need to meet. It's up to you

Appraisd is available in US English, British English and French and can be translated into any other language of your choice, including Simplified Chinese, Arabic or other RTL languages.

Add an Appraisd web feed to your Google or Outlook Calendar

Techy stuff

Securely hosted in the cloud by a ISO270001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 hosting provider

HTTPS used for all communications

Download all your data to ZIP at any time through your own admin console

Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML2.0

Secure API for user provisioning and deactivation available with OAUTH2.0 authorization

Supported browsers: IE9+ and other modern browsers, desktop and mobile

Daily backups of your data with 7-day retention policy

If you decide to leave Appraisd, extract all of your data in a useful form ready to import into another system

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