Appraisd is a complete employee performance management system for any organisation, anywhere in the world.

Appraisd helps managers monitor and develop their staff through little-and-often reviews of objectives, competencies, performance and feedback.

Appraisd is a tool for everyone, not just HR

Appraisd is designed to be unlike other HR software: it's geared strongly towards giving every user value.

So if you're...

  • struggling to get people to complete their appraisal forms

  • an innovative organisation that wants to re-think the accepted way of doing things

  • trying to help managers get the best out of their people

... then Appraisd is for you.

Fight complexity with clever design

Managers have enough on their plate without having to get to grips with a convoluted, complex performance review process. Appraisd is designed to reduce complexity, not add to it. We believe something simple and easily understood that suits 90% of cases is better than something complex that suits 100% of scenarios.

Our huge focus on user experience (UX) means a product that is continually improved in response to end users. Unlike other corporate software vendors, we engage directly with your staff to learn from them and gather feedback for our roadmap. As a result, we achieve fantastic engagement with staff who find Appraisd a delight to use.

Little and often

Appraisd encourages a little and often approach to appraisals to combat appraisal fatigue. Too often, performance reviews feel like an unsurmountable obstacle, like it's simply too much of a big deal. No wonder people don't get around to it. Appraisd chips away at this by asking people to do little and often updates that make the end of the year appraisal quick and painless.

Long term vision

Most management tools are focused (rightly) on the day to day: what needs to be done today, tomorrow or by next week. Appraisals on the other hand are about the bigger picture: stepping back and getting some perspective. Appraisd helps you get make long term judgements by giving you clear picture of what's happening over the next 12 months. On Appraisd, watch your long term goals creep closer with the passing weeks and months and tackle your important but not necessarily urgent challenges.


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