Appraisd enables managers to get far greater visibility of what their teams are working on compared with paper-based appraisal systems.

At any time, you can view the profile page of someone you manage to see everything about them.

First, go to Your Team.

Click on the name of the person you're interesed in.

You're taken to that person's profile page:

  1. Add and amend objectives at any time, or make a progress update on an objective in progress.
  2. See a list of the people Bob manages.
  3. View all of Bob's appraisal reports, past and present.
  4. Make and review feedback nominations. *
  5. 'In the diary' for Bob – an outline of everything he needs to work on over the next 12 months.
  6. View performance charts of ratings achieved at appraisal. *
  7. Bob's activity logs (only seen by Administrators).
  8. Cog tab for changing Bob's account details, assigning him to a new manager, etc. *

Drill down into your team

Appraisd allows managers to view the objectives and appraisals for anyone they directly manage, and those beneath them in the reporting structure.

See also Permissions, roles and who can do what

In this example, you could click on Bob's Team to see a list of the people Bob manages. Let's assume one of them is called Alice.

You could then click on Alice's name to see her profile. You could: * See how Alice got on at her last appraisal * Check that Bob has set Alice some appropriate objectives * Add a progress update on Alice's objectives – a great way to motivate people one or more levels beneath you in the hierarchy is to let me them know you're interested in what they're doing by adding a comment to one of their objectives.

There are many ways you can build Appraisd into your day-to-day management and drilling down into individuals' profiles is a great way to start.

  • These will be available depending on the configuration of Appraisd for your organisation.

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