The 3-stage appraisal cycle is the most commonly used cycle. The three stages are as follows:

1 - Self-Assessment

In this stage, the appraisee is asked to complete a self-assessment on the appraisal form. The appraisee will receive regular email reminders in the run up to the appraisal date to ensure they do this on time. Once they've finished, they use the Submit my self-assessment button on the Next Steps tab of the appraisal form. When this happens, the line manager is alerted by email and the comments and ratings made by the appraisee are available for the line manager to review.

2 - Appraisal in progress

At this point, two things happen. First, the line manager will review what the appraisee has written and prepare for the appraisal. During or after the appraisal meeting, the line manager can log in to Appraisd to write up a note of what was discussed. When these final comments and ratings have been made, the manager uses the options on the Next Steps tab to proceed.

The manager will see one or more of the following options:

  • Set up a new appraisal. This will make all ratings and comments (but not Private Notes) visible to the appraisee, close the appraisal, and direct the manager to set up a new appraisal.
  • Just mark it as complete. This will make all ratings and comments (but not Private Notes) visible to the appraisee, close the appraisal and return the user to their dashboard.
  • Do nothing / Finish later. This will leave the manager's comments in draft (hidden from the appraisee) and will return the user to their dashboard.
  • Rewind the appraisal. This will return the appraisal to Stage 1 – Self-Assessment – to enable the appraisee to modify or add to the comments they've already made. See Rewinding an appraisal

In some configurations, a new appraisal will be automatically created when the manager submits his/her comments on this stage. See Appraisal cycles and automatic appraisal setup for more information on this.

3 - Closed

At this stage, the appraisal is complete and read-only. Ultimately, all appraisals should reach this stage. If the most recent appraisal for an appraisee is on 3 – Closed – the manager or Administrators can set up a new appraisal for the individual.

Important: The rules on visibility of your comments and feedback depend on your specific configuration. Please refer to your own screens for a definitive guide as to what will happen to your comments.​

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