Appraisd handles sensitive customer data and therefore its safety and security is of paramount importance. We provide here an overview of our security measures – further details can be obtained from your account manager.

Transport and security

All communication with takes place over HTTPS.

Appraisd is hosted with a specialist third-party hosting provider. We use backup, packet inspection and penetration patrol tools and run regular penetration tests.

The hosting provider is based in the UK and operates under UK jurisdiction. It is a well-known and award-winning host that is ISO270001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. It has also been awarded IL2 pan-government security accreditation and provides services to the UK Home Office, Cabinet Office and Government Digital Service.

Backups and recovery

Appraisal data is backed up on a daily basis with a 7 day retention policy. We have an 8 hour recovery time objective if things go wrong and a restore from backup is required.

Data location

No customer appraisal data is stored on employee's computers and devices: all resides at the data center. All data resides in the UK.

Data extraction

Customers have the option to request an XML or JSON export of their data at any point.

Single sign-on

Appraisd can provide single sign-on based on the SAML and Active Directory Federation Services standard. If your identity provider supports either of these, get in touch so we can discuss the details. If you don't currently have a web-facing identity provider then you may like to use OneLogin or Okta - third party products that make the process very straightforward.


Our API enables user provisioning and de-provisioning linked to your HR database. Our API documentation is not public at present - get in touch for more details.

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