If you follow the standard 3- or 4-stage workflow in the expected order, the Next Steps tab will always show you the appropriate options for sharing and submitting the comments and ratings you've made.

However, there may be times when you, as a manager or second sign-off, want to share what you've written with the appraisee or someone else involved in the process prior to the appraisal.

For example: The appraisee has not submitted their comments to the manager and the appraisal is at Stage 1. The manager, however, has made some comments and provisional ratings and wants to share them with the appraisee prior to the appraisal to give the appraisee time to review and reflect on those comments before meeting.

As a manager, use the Next Steps tab to see your options at Stage 1:

​You can click Submit your comments to make your comments and ratings visible to the appraisee and any other users who have access to this appraisal report (e.g. moderators and second sign-off).

Before you click this button, you can also click Send an email to let them know. You can then customize the email that gets sent to the appraisee.

These options will not be available unless you have added a comment or a rating to the appraisal form.

You cannot un-share your comments and ratings once you've submitted them.

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