If you're evaluating Appraisd, you might like to run a short pilot with a handful of colleagues. This works well if the chances of meeting up in person are slim, or if your colleagues are already well briefed on what Appraisd is and how it can help.

To get started

  • Let your colleagues know that they are part of a trial that will last one week (or whatever you decide) and to expect a login email from Appraisd.

  • Use the Administration Center > People tab to add each colleague individually. Tick the box to ensure they receive their login details.

    Add the most senior people first.

    Ideally, everyone in the trial will have their own appraisal, so put yourself as the line manager to the most senior person. You can change it later. In fact, if you make yourself the line manager for everyone, you'll be alerted via email when someone has completed their mock self assessment.

  • If you haven't added an appraisal for each person already, use the Reports > Appraisals List to add appraisals in bulk for everyone. Set a date that's not too far away otherwise you'll lose momentum. Try 3 or 4 days away.

  • Go to your own profile page, and set yourself up with an appraisal if you don't already have one. You're able to do this because you're an administrator.

  • On your own profile page (under the cog menu), using the Feedback tab, nominate all of your colleagues to give you feedback. This will help give them a full picture of what Appraisd is capable of when they log in.

  • Go to each individual's profile page and set them some objectives. Set some that are due in before the appraisal date. You can also make a few progress updates on them.

  • Switch on email reminders using Administration Center > Settings > Emails.

Over the next few days, log in periodically to see how your colleagues are getting on. You can see who's logged in using the People tab.

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