Appraisd has a Sense Check report that detects problems on your account. This report can be emailed to Administrators on a weekly basis (Monday at about 09:00 UTC).

The report is split into Important and Low-priority notices. Here's a list of notices and typical resolution steps the Administrators should take:

Missing or inactive manager / sign-off manager.The user doesn't have a default manager or second-sign-off defined. Either specify who the manager or second-sign-off is on the user's details page, or select 'This person is not appraised' from the selection box.
This probationary review is due in the next 7 days.A probationary review is due soon – you may like to pay close attention to the outcome and provide support to the line manager and appraisee.
Missing or inactive manager or sign-off manager for appraisal.An appraisal has been set up but no line manager or second-sign-off is associated with it. This could happen if you deactivate a manager without reassigning the appraisee to a new manager. Click the cog button to edit the appraisal and specify the appropriate person. See [Editing an appraisal](/editing-an-appraisal)
Current appraisal has a different manager to the appraisee's default.

This usually means that a person has moved to a new line manager, yet their current appraisal is still tied to the previous manager. Edit the appraisal and select the appropriate new manager. See Editing an appraisal

However, in a few circumstances this is desirable – for instance, if you'd like a temporary manager to conduct an appraisal while the user's normal manager is away. Try to avoid this in general.

Multiple reviews in progress. Please ensure all but one are closed.Appraisd works best when there's only one review or appraisal in progress. Using the Appraisals List report, find the user's appraisals and close all of them except for the one that should be in progress.
Current appraisal is on a different workflow to the person's default.This happens when you have multiple workflows enabled on your account. Each person has a default workflow, yet this appraisal is set to run on a different workflow. Either edit the appraisal and set it onto the correct workflow, or update the user's default workflow to the correct one.
**Low priority**
No appraisal in the diary.The user doesn't have any future appraisal set up. We recommend every user always has an appraisal set up in the future, even if it will be changed at a later date. If a user doesn't have a future appraisal, the line manager won't be able to make any private notes on the individual.
Appraisal is more than 30 days overdue.The appraisal is overdue and you may like to intervene yourself.

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