Appraisd includes a second sign-off feature which can be enabled through Settings.

Please talk to us if you're adding or removing the second sign-off feature and you've already set up people's appraisals. We may need to help you clean up your data.

The second sign-off is typically the line manager's line manager – but not necessarily so. It can be anyone you specify.

The role of the second sign-off is to review what has been written on the appraisal report and to ensure the line manager and appraisee have had a fair, constructive conversation with clear outcomes.

When using a second sign-off, the appraisal uses the 4-step appraisal cycle. As a second sign-off, there are a few extra features you'll see:

  • You'll receive email reminders when action is required of you (Stage 3).
  • You'll be notified on your Dashboard when action is required.
  • Appraisals for the people you're signing off will appear on your calendar on the Dashboard.
  • On Your Team, you'll see a list of staff for whom you're the second sign-off.

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