Occasionally, as an appraiser or as a second sign-off, you may decide that an appraisee needs to make changes to their self-assessment. This could be because:

  • They didn't complete the entire form.
  • You'd like them to justify a rating they've given themselves with an example.
  • They've change their mind about something they've written.

As a manager (or as a second sign-off) you can rewind the appraisal back to the self-assessment stage (Stage 1) to allow the appraisee to make changes. This is done on the Next Steps tab of the appraisal report.

You cannot rewind an appraisal that is Closed. Only your Administrator can do this for you.

Click the Rewind button. You'll be able to provide a message to the appraisee:

Click Send. Your message will be sent immediately and the appraisal will be rewound to the previous stage.

Rewinding as a second-sign-off

The process is the same for second-sign-offs, except that they rewind the appraisal to Stage 2 to allow the appraiser to make changes to their comments. Once at Stage 2, the appraiser can rewind the appraisal again so that it goes back to Stage 1 for the appraisee to make changes.

After rewinding

Once an appraisal has been rewound and is now at Stage 1, it is up to the appraisee to submit their comments to the manager as they did before.

Or in the case of the second sign-off rewinding the appraisal from Stage 3 to Stage 2, the manager needs to submit their ​comments to the second sign-off.

See also: The 3-stage appraisal cycle, The 4-stage appraisal cycle

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