In Appraisd, Moderators can produce reports on all comments and ratings provided by all staff easily.

  1. Go to Administration Center.
  2. Click the Reports menu drop down.
  3. Select Scores and Comments.

On the Scores and Comments report page, select the form and question you'd like to obtain answers for.

For example, you might like to pull off a list of everyone's training needs. Or you might like to see everyone's final ratings.

You can also search for questions that contain the text you specify. This is useful if you have many forms but would like to gather all the answers from them together.

Then click Generate report

The report shows you

  1. A pie chart showing the distribution of scores.
  2. A histogram showing the frequency distribution of appraisal scores.
  3. A table of raw data, showing who has made the comment or rating, for whom and on what date.

Exporting your report

As with all tables in Appraisd, you can sort and filter and download the data to Excel/CSV using the buttons at the bottom of the table.

Unfortunately the CSV format does not allow charts, so they will not appear in your downloaded file.

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