If you are a line manager think you should see some feedback but it's not available, these are the most likely explanations:

  • The nominee hasn't submitted it yet. Issue a reminder on the Feedback page of the appraisal report:
  • After the feedback was given, the appraisal was modified by an Administrator and set to use a different form. The new form might not have the same questions as before, hence the nominee's responses disappear. The nominee will need to re-enter the feedback using the new form. You can temporarily change the appraisal to use the original form to view the nominee's responses and copy them to a new document. Then change the appraisal back to use the new form, enabling the nominee to copy and paste their comments into the correct feedback questionnaire.
  • The nominee gave feedback for the wrong appraisal. This could happen if the manager sent the nomination and then the appraisal was closed manually by an Administrator and a new one created. In this case, open up the appraisee's old reports and see if you can find the feedback there.

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