Hopefully having discovered Appraisd you'll decide that it's right for your organisation. If you have any remaining questions, please do get in touch with us – every situation is different and we like to make sure Appraisd is configured so that you can get the best out of it.

It's not often needed, but in some cases you might want to demonstrate Appraisd to others. There are two main options:

1. Set up a pilot with mock appraisals

2. Conduct a live tour of Appraisd in front of your colleagues

After this, you'll want to gather opinions. It's good to have a framework for discussion – and we suggest the following:

  • Did everyone see how easy it was to give feedback, set objectives and complete a self-assessment?
  • Was everything clear and simple? Does the interface look compelling? What would be the likely reaction from staff when they log in for the first time?
  • How much time would this save administrators through automated email reminders?
  • How beneficial is it to be able to produce reports on anything in a few clicks of the mouse rather than sifting through Word documents?
  • Could it help move performance management from being a once-a-year struggle to something a little lighter that can be used throughout the year?
  • What configuration do we need? How would we change the forms? How many forms would we need? Would we like to add a Personal Development Plan module?
  • Are we agreed to move forward with Appraisd or do we need help from an Appraisd expert?

You may also want to refer back to www.appraisd.com/pricing for information on pricing and other information.


When we talk to our clients about gaining support for Appraisd internally, they tell us that these are some of the obstacles they face and some of the solutions they've found.

Don't feel a need to do this right nowAppraisd is occasionally urgent, but it is always important. You can think of performance management as either a) something that just has to be done or b) something that underpins everything you do at work. Appraisd is about looking beyond the day-to-day but thinking about strategy, talent development, retention, managing poor performance.
I've got a lot on already

Appraisd will be the easiest roll-out of a software tool you'll ever do. We've honed it to perfection. Just see our client testimonials.

If you're the decision maker, you can configure and launch Appraisd with about 2 hours of work, even for a large, complex company.

We need to think about the forms

Yes, you may do. But what are you going to do to them?

Get your existing form onto Appraisd and see what happens. After one round of appraisals, gather feedback from staff and then make your changes. This is by far the most effective approach we've seen.

We've just changed the system / introduced X / need to wait for Y to bed-inStaff do not mind change/a new appraisal system if it makes their lives easier.
We need to offer trainingWe can help with this in a number of innovative ways: face to face, web-conferencing, live chat, screencast videos.
Our HR system has a performance management moduleWe know most of them and are very confident they do not work as well as Appraisd. Appraisals cannot be just bolted on to an HRIS / HR database. Performance management is not the same as filing expenses. Give us a call for information on this.
Our next round of appraisals is 6-12 months away. Or, our next round appraisals is next week.

You can launch Appraisd at any time. If you launch well in advance of the next big round of appraisals, you'll benefit from testing Appraisd on probationary and interim reviews before all staff log in for their end-of-year appraisal. Staff will be able to add objectives throughout the year and conduct 1-to-1s. By appraisal time, they know the system well and have a great set of progress updates which can form the basis of the appraisal discussion. Call us to hear how we took this approach with City Index to great effect.

If you're in a hurry, you'll find Appraisd and our support will make it very easy. We have launched Appraisd to very large companies with sophisticated requirements within 1 week of them signing off.

More tips

  • We use the excellent join.me web conference system – quick to set up and easy to use.
  • You might like to try appear.in for video conferencing before your guided tour – free and no setup needed.

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