Appraisd can be configured to automatically create new appraisals as soon as an existing appraisal is completed. This saves managers the trouble of setting them up themselves.

This is particularly beneficial if you'd like everyone in your organisation to have an appraisal at the same time each year.

Enabling this could prevent a manager from setting up interim or mini-reviews part-way through your appraisal cycle.

Please contact to set up your appraisal cycle.

Here's an example of a custom appraisal cycle:

  1. Date at which the cycle begins. Cycles are always 12 months long.
  2. Diagram showing the three reviews that take place during the year.
  3. This is the next appraisal in the series, according to today's date. Any new appraisals created now will be titled "Mid year review" and will be set for 1 August.

In addition to defining a series of reviews (or even just one review) in the year, appraisal cycles can help with the following:

  • Governing which objectives are shown in the appraisal form for review. For example, you financial year (and therefore your appraisal period) could run from 1 January to 31 December 2015, with all your objectives due between those dates. However, you may have your end of year appraisal on 10th January 2016. This means your appraisal takes place outside of your appraisal period. So, we'd configure Appraisd to ensure that when you complete your appraisal form, you are shown the objectives from the correct period to review.
  • Adding a year filter to various charts to enable you to easily view the results and statistics across a particular appraisal period, rather than just the calendar year.
  • Grouping objectives into years on the Objectives page to make it clearer which appraisal period they belong to.

Making ad-hoc changes to appraisals

Even if you use this system to automatically create appraisals, each appraisal can still be modified by Administrators independently.

So you can have all appraisals set up for 1 August, but nearer the time you can adjust individual dates to suit the people conducting them. You can also remove unnecessary appraisals or set up additional appraisals on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year, such as probationary reviews.

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