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Appraisd helps you gain insights about your people and their performance in many ways. The Performance charts are one of the powerful tools that helps you identify areas for deeper analysis.

This tool is found under Administration Center > Reports > Performance charts.

Select one of the options to plot a chart. Your configuration may allow you to filter these reports by department and other dimensions of your People list.

Here's an example of the first chart, See how each person has scored over time.

Each dot represents an appraisal or review.

The idea of these charts is to 'bubble up' interesting data to you for further analysis. In this chart, it's easy to spot vertically-sloping lines (people whose performance has changed significantly in a short period of time), or dots at the very top or bottom of the report (people whose performance has been well above or below the average).

It's these lines or dots that you may want to investigate in more detail by visiting the appraisee's profile page and reviewing their appraisal reports and objectives.

Hover over a line or a dot to see more information, and click on any dot to open up the review in a new window:

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