### Resetting your own password

Go to the Appraisd login page: https://app.appraisd.com/login

Click Forgotten your password?

Enter your email address and click Reset my password.

Appraisd will attempt to send you a password reset link.

I'm not getting my password reset link

This means you've probably entered the wrong email address. If you have an alternative email address, try that instead.

It's also worth checking your spam folder. If Appraisd emails regularly arrive in your spam folder, ask your tech support to add app@appraisd.com as a valid email address.

I cannot log in with my password

Either you're typing in the wrong password or the wrong email address. Double check that the email you're using is the one that your Administrator has added to Appraisd. If you have an alternative, try that.

If you still cannot log in, contact your Administrator who will check your account is active and which email address you're registered with.

Appraisd cannot issue password reminders, it can only reset passwords. That's because passwords are encrypted in a way that it is virtually impossible to retrieve the original.

Reset someone else's password (Administrators only)

Go to the user's profile page and click the cog tab.

Click Reset user's password.

They'll receive a password reset link in an email.

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