### Appraisals

As an employee, you'll have appraisals with your line manager. This could happen as frequently as once a month or as little as once a year – it's up to you and your line manager or your organisation's policy.

Each appraisal follows a 3-stage or 4-stage process, depending on whether you're using the second sign-off feature.

An appraisal uses an appraisal form which is usually pre-defined by the Administrator. The form specifies all the questions that will be asked of the appraisee, the manager and feedback reviewers.

An appraisal has a due date, which Appraisd uses to send email reminders to the relevant people.


SMART objectives, goals, personal development activities, career plans, and sometimes training all come under the banner of Objectives.

An objective in Appraisd has a date by which it should be either completed or reviewed. This date is used to show the objective in the right place on the appraisal form and to help Appraisd send email reminders as appropriate.

Individuals and their managers (among others) can write progress updates on an objective at any time. These updates are gathered together for the appraisal meeting. Progress updates are a great tool for monthly 1-to-1 meetings, if you have them.


Feedback, also known as 360-degree feedback, can be gathered for an appraisal. Feedback doesn't happen outside of an appraisal, although people who've been invited to give feedback can enter feedback notes at any time in the run up to an appraisal.

Administration and Reporting

As you'd expect, Appraisd gives you or your HR department all the tools you need to manage appraisals, feedback and objectives as well as extract useful insights from the data. You can produce reports on objectives and appraisal ratings for all your employees and drill down into teams and departments.


The dashboard is what you see when you first log in to Appraisd and it provides an overview of each of the key areas of Appraisd and any actions you need to take.

Appraisd dashboard

Navigation across the four key areas of Appraisd.

Actions you need to take for the people you manage.

Actions you need to take for your own appraisal.

How many objectives you have in progress.

How many requests to give feedback you've been sent.

A calendar showing your own appraisals, your team's appraisals, objectives and feedback due in the next 12 months.

Cog menu which provides access to the Administration Center as well as other useful functions.

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