In addition to primary managers and sign-off managers, you can assign matrix (second) managers to any user once the matrix feature has been enabled on your account.

The practical role of matrix managers differs from company to company. For some, matrix managers contribute to employees' appraisals and objectives in the same way as their first managers; others just want to give certain managers access to specific profiles of people who are not their direct reports.

Currently each user can have one pimary manager, one sign-off and one matrix manager.


From the system perspective, a matrix/second manager assigned to an employee can:

  • view the employee's profile (except Feedback tab)
  • access profiles of people the employee is managing (if any)
  • view the employee's objectives, comment on them using progress updates, edit already confirmed objectives
  • access all past and ongoing appraisals including feedback collected from colleagues
  • contribute to an appraisal in progress with own comments if the manager is assigned as the matrix manager to that specific appraisal

What the matrix/second manager cannot do is:

  • mark the employee's objectives as finished
  • send feedback invitations to the employee's colleagues
  • change an appraisal stage (default setting)
  • set up appraisals (default setting). To allow matrix managers to set up appraisals for their matrix team members, go to the Administration centre -> Settings -> Second manager -> Can set up appraisals: On


The default setting doesn't create a separate stage for matrix managers. Instead, they can simply add and share their comments with others when an appraisal is at stage 1 (self-assessment) or 2 (manager's assessment) and, as mentioned above, they cannot change the appraisal stage. If you'd like the matrix managers to have a separate stage (meaning the progress of the appraisal is dependent on them moving the appraisal to the next stage), please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

The summary of default workflow including matrix manager:

  • stage 1: an appraisee completes a self-assessment and submits it to the managers
  • stage 2: first and matrix manager contributes with own comments and the first manager takes the appraisal to the next stage when ready
  • stage 3: the appraisal is completed or a sign-off manager reviews all the comments & closes the appraisal if a sign-off manager workflow is used in your account

Notifications and reminders

Matrix managers receive the same reminders and notifications as first managers – when an appraisal due date is approaching, when it's overdue, when the appraisee's self-assessment is submitted and when the appraisal is completed.


To enable matrix managers on your account:

  1. Go to the Administration centre -> Settings -> Workflow and set 'Enable second managers for individuals' to On
  2. Go to the People tab and assign matrix managers to people you want by editing their profile

If a user has a matrix manager assigned, any appraisals set up in the future will automatically include the matrix manager. If you are enabling the feature when there are appraisals already in progress and you want the matrix managers to contribute to these, don't forget to edit the appraisals in progress.

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