The changes you can make depend on who you are and what stage the appraisal is at.

If you’ve submitted your comments and ratings already and wish to make changes, the appraisal will need to be rewound to the correct stage to allow you to do this.

Refer to the 3-stage or 4-stage appraisal cycle to see who’s expected to make comments and ratings at which point in the cycle.

Here are the most common scenarios and the action you need to take depending on your role:

Your roleAction to take
You are the appraiseeAsk your manager to rewind the appraisal to Stage 1
You are the managerAsk your administrator to edit the appraisal and set it to Stage 2
You are the second sign-offAsk your administrator to edit the appraisal and set it to Stage 3

Once you’ve made your changes

If you're just modifying comments and ratings that you've already submitted, your changes will be immediately visible to others who can see the appraisal report.

Any *new *comments or ratings will need to re-submitted using the Next Steps tab before others can see them.

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