Appraisd provides a simple way of emailing all your staff with its mail merge function. You might use this to:

  • Launch Appraisd to all staff, providing them with login details.
  • Send an ad-hoc tailored reminder to a group of people.
  • Make a suggestion, such as to record a quarterly progress update.

How to send a mail merge

First, navigate to Administration Center > People > Mail merge.

1. Select the recipients

Click on any row to select or deselect recipientsĀ or use the Select All button at the bottom of the table.

The column "Appraisal ready?" shows you if the user has an appraisal in progress. You might wish, for example, to set up appraisals for all your users before launching to them.

Once you're happy with your selection, scroll to the bottom and click Next >.

2. Draft your email

First enter a subject, such as "Welcome to Appraisd"

Then, enter the content for the email. There are tools to add styles to your email, but we recommend avoiding using them.

If you're launching Appraisd to your staff, you might like to use a variation of this wording:

Welcome to Appraisd!

Your account is now set up and ready for you to use. Please use the following link to log in:


Please get in touch with YOUR NAME AND CONTACT DETAILS if you need any help.

Thank you.

Important: please ensure your email contains this merge term, which will be replaced with a clickable link to log in to Appraisd:


3. Send a test email

At this point, you should send the emails to yourself as a test. Once they've arrived, review them carefully.

IMPORTANT: Do not click on the registration link in these emails. If you do, the recipient may need to reset their password when they try to log in.

4. Send the emails for real

If you're happy with the test, click the button to send the emails for real. Emails are typically sent immediately.

The final email will look something like this:


If you're launching to a large number of staff (over 100), we recommend staggering the launch over several hoursĀ to ensure all the emails are received by your servers safely and to give you a chance to make any tweaks to your account after initial feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us for help with this.

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