Appraisd is available in any language. Clients who would like Appraisd in a language other than British or American English pay a one-off translation fee and an ongoing annual maintenance fee. Please contact us for details.

In addition to changing the language, Appraisd accommodates different locales which determine the format of numbers and dates.

It is possible for your Appraisd account to accommodate several different languages at the same time to allow staff to use Appraisd in the language they're most familiar with. Consideration should be given to any cross-language interface, for example, a line manager who speaks English and a direct report who prefers Chinese. In some cases this will result in seeing a mixture of languages on the page – hence we recommend reducing these interfaces to a minimum. Your account manager can advise on this.

Changing the wording on Appraisd

As standard, you can change the wording of your appraisal forms and objectives templates.

In some circumstances, we are also able to change the text of the Appraisd user interface. Please contact us for a discussion.


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