Appraisd has an optional Job Description module that can be enabled by your account manager or through the Basics section of Settings. You can use this feature to compile a list of job descriptions that are assigned to each individual. Once assigned, job descriptions can be reviewed and commented on.

For example:

What happens when Job Descriptions are enabled?

  • A Job Descriptions tab is added to your Administration Centre where Administrators can add, edit and update job descriptions:

  • A Job Descriptions tab is added to each user's profile page where the individual (and anyone else who can access their profile) can view a read-only version of their current job description.

  • A Job Description selection box is added to the 'Edit user' box. This is how an Administrator can specify the job description that is assigned to the user. The job description must be added to your list before you can assign it to any user.

  • A Job Description slot is available when editing your forms. Add this slot to your form to show the appraisee and line manager the user's current job description during the appraisal. You might like to add a question beneath it, such as "How well do you feel you've achieved the responsibilities set out in your job description?" or "What changes do you think should be made to your Job Description?"

Getting job descriptions up and running

These are the steps you need to take to implement job descriptions on your account.

  1. Enable the job description feature using the Settings > Basics tab.
  2. In the Administration Centre, use the Job Descriptions tab to add your job descriptions. If you're pasting from Word, please make sure you remove the formatting after you've pasted your text.
  3. After you've added some job descriptions, assign them to users by going to the People tab and clicking Edit next to each person and assigning the appropriate job description.
  4. (Optional) Add a Job Descriptions section to your appraisal form and any appropriate questions you'd like to ask of the appraisee/appraiser.

Job description versioning

Job descriptions are versioned, meaning you can store multiple versions of the same job description. If you're an administrator, it's a good idea to be familiar with the versioning concepts and how it works to avoid any confusion.

The purpose of versioning is to allow the following:

  • To store a copy of the job description alongside an appraisal so when a user opens a previous appraisal, the information shown reflects the job description that was used at the time - which may not be the same as the user's current job description.

It should not be used:

  • To create a library of similar job descriptions to be assigned by different users.

How does versioning work?

  1. When creating a job description, version number 1 is created. You can edit this at any time. You can also create a new version. You'd only create a new version if you wanted to preserve the previous version alongside an appraisal. Appraisd will alert you if this version has been used on an appraisal already, and advise you to create a new version. A minor update (such as fixing a typo or making a correction) doesn't need a new version.
  2. When you set up a new appraisal, the latest version of the user's job description is assigned to the appraisal. If you subsequently create new versions, the appraisal will still be associated with the version assigned at the time of creating the appraisal. Hence, don't create a new version if you're only making minor changes to the job description. This will ensure these changes are seen when the appraisee comes to look at his/her report.
  3. If, when editing an appraisal using the pop up window, no job description version has been assigned to that appraisal, the latest version will automatically be assigned to the appraisal.
  4. If no job description version has been assigned to the appraisal, Appraisd will record the latest version available at the time the appraisal is submitted and closed.

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