Setting and monitoring objectives is one of the key aspects of performance management, hence Appraisd is strongly geared towards bringing them to the fore.

In Appraisd, any individual can set objectives which are shown on the Objectives page.

Each objective typically has a title, some additional detail and a due date. What data is available for each objective is determined by its 'template'. This example shows an account with two templates, Business Objectives and Personal Development Plan:

On this page you can do the following:

  1. Click on an objective to open it up.
  2. Switch between table and card view.
  3. Show completed objectives.
  4. Print your objectives.
  5. Email these objectives to your own email address.
  6. Download them as a Word document.
  7. Add a new objective.

Objectives on the appraisal report

Usually, your appraisal form will contain a section that deals with objectives. The form asks you to review objectives that were set previously and suggest new ones for the future. This becomes a key part of the appraisal discussion. When you open the appraisal report, the relevant objectives will be drawn into the report and available there for you to review. But you can review objectives at any time of course.

Progress updates

Anyone who's able to see an objective can write a progress update on it. These are stamped with the date and time they were added, and it is a good way to record progress on objectives throughout the year.

See Making progress updates on objectives

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