This page lists some of the key aspects that you'll want to consider before launch and can be used as a checklist.



How many forms do you have and what are they?

If you want to use a rating scale, what is it?>

If you want to use a custom objectives template, what fields do you need?

Should managers give a final rating for each objective? What rating scale or options should be available?>
Would you like to use the Personal Development Plan?>
**People data**

Send staff data to Appraisd (or add them manually yourself).
Click to download the Excel template

After upload, have you checked the org chart and people list is accurate?>
After upload, check there are no warnings on Sense Check report.>
**Branding**Would you like to customize the stylesheet? Have you provided your logo and CSS?>
**Admins**Who should be Administrators and who should be Moderators?>
**Appraisal cycle**What is your [appraisal cycle]( Please specify  e.g. 1 December – Annual Appraisal, 1 June – Mid Year Appraisal.>
What date should we use to set up the first round of appraisals (if different from your appraisal cycle)?>
**Other**Would you like to add a Department or other fields to your people list?>
Would you like us to produce screencasts or training materials? Have you reviewed the video scripts and returned them with your amendments? [Appraisee script template](   [Appraiser script template](>
Would you like us to do any data entry for you e.g. setting up previous objectives or uploading old appraisal documents?>



We recommend you send an email to all staff from head of HR, CEO etc.:

"We're delighted to announce we'll be using Appraisd for all our appraisals, performance reviews, feedback, objectives and more. Please look out for an email from which will contain your log in details"

Mention training, who to contact for help, why Appraisd has been implemented and the benefits it should give you as a manager and as an appraisee.


When would you like the launch email to be sent?

Or would you prefer a staggered roll-out controlled by you?>
When should we switch on the email reminders?>
**Training**When would you like your first training session for Administrators?>
Would you like us to provide training for any other staff? What kind and when?>



Who is your Main Administrator and our primary point of contact with you?

Is there a Purchase Order number and a method of payment you'd like us to use?>

Have you signed the Terms and Conditions and completed the Order Sheet

When's a good time for a post-launch review (typically scheduled for 1 month and 6 months after launch)?>

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