Feedback is also known as 360-degree or 180-degree (or even 720-degree) feedback. These are all fundamentally similar: Feedback is about using the thoughts and opinions of others to help someone develop and improve their skills, attitude and self-awareness.

In Appraisd, feedback is gathered as part of an appraisal or review using a questionnaire that will focus the feedback from colleagues into areas that are relevant to the appraisee/reviewee and the organisation. This questionnaire is designed by Administrators as part of an appraisal form for the individual.

Assuming the appraisee already has an appraisal set up:

  1. The line manager uses the appraisee's profile to nominate colleagues to give feedback.
  2. The nominees receive an email inviting them to give feedback.
  3. The nominees can log in to Appraisd and enter their feedback in draft at any time.
  4. When they're finished, the nominees submit their feedback to the manager.
  5. The manager receives an email to let them know that some feedback has been received.
  6. The manager opens the appraisee's appraisal report to see the feedback that's been received.
  7. As well as automated reminders to nominees, the manager can send reminders to them on an ad-hoc basis.


  • Depending on your configuration, the manager can nominate people who aren't already in your Appraisd account.
  • The feedback is seen only by the manager.
  • Depending on your configuration, the feedback is attributable to the nominee so they can see who wrote what.

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