### Who can see feedback?

By default, only the manager and more senior people can see the feedback given for an individual. You cannot, for instance, see the feedback that has been written about you.

Viewing the feedback

The feedback is available on the appraisal report itself, usually under a 'Feedback' tab:

At the bottom of this tab is a list of nominees and the status of their feedback. You can click the small envelope icon to send them a short reminder to give their feedback:

During the appraisal

If you've told nominees that their feedback is confidential, it's important that you keep it that way.

On Stage 2, therefore, there are two options available to you: **Doing the appraisal right now? **and Just preparing?:

If you click the blue button, the Feedback tab will be removed. This will help to ensure you don't show the appraisee anything they shouldn't see if they're looking at your screen during the meeting.

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