All appraisals in Appraisd should begin with an appraisee's self-assessment. This is then submitted to the appraiser for review.

However, in some circumstances, the manager needs to conduct the appraisal before the appraisee has submitted a self-assessment and the appraisal is 'stuck' at Stage 1. In this situation, the manager can fast-forward the appraisal. This can be necessary if:

  • The appraisee does not want to complete a self-assessment.
  • The appraisee has forgotten to submit their¬†self-assessment and cannot access Appraisd to do so.

Fast-forwarding the appraisal will:

  1. Submit the appraisee's self-assessment, making the appraisee's comments and ratings available to the manager (if there are any).
  2. Change the stage of the appraisal to Stage 2.
  3. Prevent the appraisee from completing a self-assessment, unless you rewind the appraisal again.

How to fast-forward the appraisal

Go the appraisal report and scroll to the bottom of the Start tab:
Click the link **Click here to start without X' input **to fast-forward the appraisal. The appraisal will then be at Stage 2 and the appraisee's comments will be visible to the manager.

When fast-forwarding, take care to communicate with appraisee what you're doing and why.

What if I do this by mistake?

You can Rewind the appraisal back to Stage 1 using the Next Steps tab. However, you cannot 'unsubmit' and hide the appraisee's comments.

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