From time to time Administrators may want to make changes to an appraisal. Typical scenarios are:

  • The appraisal meeting has been pushed back to a future date.
  • A manager or appraisee mistakenly submitted their comments and ratings and would like to make a change.
  • The wrong appraisal form has been selected and you’d like to correct it.
  • Someone other than the line manager is going to conduct the appraisal.

If the appraisee has a new line manager, see Changing a person’s line manager instead.

All of these can be fixed using the Edit Appraisal popup box:

How to open the Edit Appraisal box

There are two ways:

  1. Navigate to the appraisee’s profile. Click the X’s appraisals tab. Open the appraisal in question and click the small Edit button above the appraisal form.
  2. Navigate to the Appraisals: List report in the Administration Center. Find the appraisal in question and click the Edit link.

Editing an appraisal

With the form open, make the adjustments needed.

Due dateThis date governs when the automatic email reminders are sent.
AppraiseeAvoid changing this unless no comments have been made.
AppraiserThe Appraisd will prompt you to also update the appraisee’s default appraiser to ensure it matches the appraiser for this appraisal. Tick this box if the appraiser for this appraisal should be the appraiser for future appraisals too.
Sign off managerThe same advice applies as for the Appraiser.
FormAvoid changing the form if comments have already been made to the appraisal.

See also: Changing a person’s line manager

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