To edit your forms, or add new ones, head to Administration Center > Forms.

You'll see a list of your forms there. Click one to edit it.

Important Notes about changing forms

Any changes you make will be reflected immediately in any appraisals using the form in the future, now and the past. Even closed appraisals will be affected by changes you make to the form that those appraisals used.

So, when editing a form, you have the choice to save it as a new form or to save over the existing form. How do you decide?

**You're safe **to overwrite the existing form in the following scenarios:

  • You haven't launched Appraisd yet, or no-one is already using this form for their review
  • You're just making slight adjustments to the spelling or wording of competencies.
  • You're just adding new questions and sections
  • You're just re-ordering questions and sections
  • You're changing questions to be Rating + Text questions from just Text questions

Do not overwrite the existing form if the following scenarios. Instead, save your changes as a new form.

  • You're making meaningful changes to the text, eg changing "Teamwork" to "Leadership". This would cause old appraisal reports to change their meaning too.
  • You're removing questions or sections.
  • If you want to create a variation for a different group of people in your organization.

Form designer screen

The sections in your form are shown on the left, with the individual questions in that section shown on the right.

Click on any section on the left to show the questions within it.

Appraisal form sections

On the left you'll see the sections in your form:

  • Click on a section title to edit the title

  • Click on the surrounding area to load the section's questions in the right hand panel

  • If you hover your cursor over a section, two additional options will appear:

  • The trash can button will delete this section from your form. If you delete a section, you must save this form as a new form, otherwise your deletion will not be permitted.

  • You can drag this section up and down using the up-down arrow button.

Copying a section from another form in your library

If your're creating several variations of a form, you may find you want to grab a section from a another form and bring it into the one you're editing. Do this as follows:

  1. Click Add a new section here

  2. You'll see the section selector popup:

  3. Use the drop down box to select your original form, the one you want to copy from.

  4. Once you do this, the list of sections in the original form will appear. Click Add next to any section you wish to add to your new form

  5. Click **Ok **to dismiss this window. You new section has been added and you can now save your new form.

What do [[[ and ]]] mean?

These are used to translate your form into different languages. If you're not going to use Appraisd in any other language, you can safely remove the [[[ and ]]] symbols, ie replace [[[Competencies]]] with Competencies.

Questions on your appraisal form

The right hand side is where you can edit and amend your questions.

Your questions can be a mixture of any questions you like. There are also special question types that provide different functionality such as a list of objectives, a static block of text or a file upload slot. See Introduction to Forms > Question Types for more information.

There are also summary questions that appear at the bottom of the page in the grey section. These are used by the line manager to make an overall comment on the appraisal discussion and to set final ratings. You don't have to have summary questions on your form, but it's normally a good idea to have one.

For each question, you can define the following:

  • Title - click the title to edit it.
  • Additional notes - click them to edit the text. You can use this to add behavioural competencies and other instructions to the appraisee and line manager.
  • Question type  - select the question type such as rating only, rating + text, text only from a dropdown menu above the question
  • Custom rating scale - this feature must be enabled in Settings first. Once enabled, click the 'Please select' text to open the rating scale editor.
  • Use the duplicate button to create a new copy of a questions you've already typed in.
  • You can also use the trash can button to deactivate a question or the up-down arrow button to reorder questions.

Saving your form

At the bottom of the page are the options to save your form.

Click Save this form to overwrite the same form. You can also rename a form by changing the name and clicking Save this form.

If you decide to save this as a new form, type in a new name for it in the box. You'll create a new form that can be used in subsequent appraisals.

If you click Discard changes, you'll return to the form list and any changes you've made to this form will not be saved.

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