The template used to create new objectives can be customised. Here are some examples:

Objectives customisation is currently performed by Appraisd staff on your behalf – please get in touch.

Customisation options:

You can add any of the following fields and options to the template:

  • Single line text box
  • Multi line text box
  • Date entry box
  • Numerical entry box
  • Rating selection box / radio buttons
  • Checkbox
  • Drop down box with predefined options
  • 'Cascade from' box where the user selects one of his/her line manager's objectives to contribute to
  • Sub-tasks – where the user can specify a number of smaller objectives that will contribute to the overall objective

In addition, an assessment can be made by both the appraisee and the line manager. The assessment is a rating selection, a drop down box or a set of radio buttons. Example:

Multiple objectives types

On Appraisd, you can have more than one objectives template active for each user. A typical example is to have core Objectives and a Personal Development Plan:

Everyone on your Appraisd account will see the same objectives templates. It's not possible to have different templates for different users.

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