Objectives can be created at any time by the appraisee, the line manager or anyone who has access to an individual's profile.

To get started, click 'Add a new objective' at the top right of the objectives page.

Complete the form. Here's an example of the standard objectives template:

  • Save as draft – choose this if the objective hasn't been agreed between the line manager and appraisee. It will remain editable by the appraisee.
  • Save as confirmed – choose this if the objective has been confirmed between the line manager and appraisee.

Once an objective is confirmed, it cannot be modified by the appraisee. Only the line manager and other more senior people can modify the objective. See Modifying an objective.

Once an objective is confirmed, users are able to make progress updates against the objective.


The Due date is used to tell Appraisd where the objective should appear in the appraisal report (past objectives or objectives for the future) and to send automated email reminders.

In some configurations, when someone adds or updates an objective, the line manager (or the appraisee) will receive an email to let them know this happened.

Similarly, in some configurations your HR or Learning & Development manager will be alerted that you added one to help them arrange training dates or assess budget requirements.

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