Most of the features of Appraisd can be configured through the settings area, in Administration Center.

All settings have explanations with them. Here, we present an overview of what’s possible:

BasicsA few simple permissions options and the facility to upload your custom background image.
FormsSettings to control the way managers select forms when they create appraisals.
EmailsSpecify email addresses who’ll receive various alerts and reminders from Appraisd as well as the new joiner email template.
ObjectivesSpecify how objectives behave and the actions that different types of user can take.
FeedbackEnable or disable feedback and other specific options. Once feedback is enabled or disabled, changes need to made to appraisal forms as well to add or remove feedback questions.
PerformanceIf you’re using a rating scale (eg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), these settings help you control how charts are drawn and who can see them.
WorkflowShows you the workflow in use for your account. Hover over the steps in the workflow to see the email reminders that are sent at each stage in the process. We recommend contacting Appraisd before changing these settings.
Appraisal cycleDisplays your appraisal cycle on a chart, if using. We recommend contacting Appraisd before changing these settings as we may need to make changes to existing appraisals that are not possible through the Administration interface.
CustomisationControls the look and feel of Appraisd and custom rating scales.
LabsThese are settings for features that are still in development and may not work fully as expected.

Feel free to contact us for help with these settings

What cannot be configured in Settings

You will need to contact Appraisd for help with any of the following:

  • Adjusting your appraisal cycle
  • Modifying and adding objectives templates
  • Uploading your own logo (although hot linking to your website is possible)
  • Setting up your default rating scale

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