Time to complete: 10 minutes

This page can be used as training for Administrators. If you work through these steps, you'll get a good understanding of Appraisd and how it works. You can later refer to more detailed documentation for specific tasks.

These instructions assume you haven't deleted the demo data. If you have, contact us to get the data reinstated: support@appraisd.com.

The basics

1. Getting to the Adminstration Center

As an Administrator, you'll use this area a lot. Only you and other Administrators have access to this.

  1. Click the Cog button, top right to open the menu.
  2. Select Administration Center.

2. Adding a new user

  1. Go to the Administration Center, if you're not already there.

  2. Click the People tab.

  3. Click Add a new user.

  4. Enter the following details:

    • First name: Jenny
    • Last name: Jones
    • Email: insert an email address you have access to, such as a personal account. Or just enter test@appraisd.com
    • Select your name as the line manager
    • Modify the new-joiner email
    • Tick the "Give access to Administration Center" box
    • Click "Add user".

You should see:

Done - a new user has been addedd

At this point, your new user will be sent their log in details and can now use Appraisd. All you need to do next is set them up with an appraisal. But we'll do that in a minute. Instead...

  • Click Return to list

3. Visit a user's profile and send a new password

  1. Using the Cog button at the top right, find the Search users by name box and start typing Parker.
  2. When John Parker's name appears, press Enter on your keyboard. If it doesn't appear (he's been deleted), search for Jenny Jones instead.
  3. You should see John's/Jenny's profile: Jenny's profile
  4. Click on each of the tabs to familiarise yourself with them.
  5. Click on the **cog **tab.
  6. Click Reset user's password.
  7. An email will be sent to John, allowing him to choose a new password.

4. Set up a new appraisal

  1. Now go to Jenny's profile, or the person you added in step 2.
  2. Click Jenny's Appraisals tab.
  3. You should see "No appraisals here" and a button Add a new appraisal. Click it.
  4. Enter a title: "Annual appraisal – test".
  5. Pick a date a few weeks in the future.
  6. Check the other details and click Save.
  7. A new appraisal has been created for Jenny.

5. Nominate someone to give feedback

  1. On Jenny's profile, click the Feedback for Jenny tab.
  2. Notice that no-one has been nominated to get feedback yet. If you like, select a few users to give feedback for Jenny's next appraisal. If you select real users, they will receive an email at this point.

Appraisal administration and reporting

6. Check the org chart

  1. Go to the Administration Center.
  2. Click the** Org chart** tab.
  3. Click the zoom out button once (a magnifying glass with a - sign).
  4. Drag the org chart so you can see more of it.
  5. Click Highlight metrics at the top right and select**** No active objectives***.*
  6. Observe who has objectives in progress and who hasn't.

7. Checking on appraisals across the organisation

  1. In the Administration Center, click the **Reports **tab, then Appraisals: list.
  2. Note the list of all the appraisals in your account. Using the search box at the top, type in Jenny Jones. The list is filtered to show only the appraisal you added earlier.
  3. Click the **Edit **link to the right.
  4. Change the date of the appraisal and click Save changes.

8. Review

You've seen the essentials of administration on Appraisd. In essence, you'll use the Administration Center to see what's going on across the organisation and to add users*. * Use an individual's profile page to make changes to a specific person's account such as adding an appraisal, setting objectives or resetting their password.

Now take a good look around and get to know some of the other features available to you. You might also be interested in:

  • Creating and modifying forms
  • Reporting overview
  • Reporting on objectives
  • Implementation checklist

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