Make the most out of: Auto-creating reviews

While developing Appraisd, we always try to create features that benefit both the employees and you, the administrator. 'Review Auto-create' is a feature that falls directly into this category. Let's have a look at why...

How it works

Imagine you're Jon's reviewer/manager. You've just had a performance review meeting – where you recorded your fruitful discussion about past achievements and future objectives onto the appraisal form – and you're ready to close the review. Normally, once the appraisal is closed, you (as the manager or administrator) must take another step to set up a new future appraisal for you and Jo. With the auto-create feature, however, once one appraisal is closed, another one is set up automatically.

The main benefits

  • no need to set up reviews for everyone manually – use your time for more exciting tasks
  • encouraging an ongoing performance management dialogue – employees don't always want to wait until appraisal time to write down their thoughts, ideas and comments. By having the appraisal form available at all times they can record and collect bits and pieces over time reducing the amount of work at appraisal time and making the conversation more objective and evidence-based.

Who it is suitable for

As long as you know at least approximate timing of all the appraisals for the upcoming year, we can set it up for you. Just get in touch at +44 20 7202 7979 or with your account manager and we can discuss the options.

However, if your reviews are ad-hoc and/or you want the managers to set up reviews with their teams whenever they want, auto-create is not the way to go. 

The 'technicalities' 

So you're now saving yourself time and headache – congratulations! There are just a few points you should know before you sit back and relax completely:

  • auto-create starts working for each individual only after their first review is closed. So when you add a new user, don't forget to set up their first regular review manually
  • auto-create doesn't apply to probationary reviews. Any time a review with a word 'probation' or 'probationary' in the title is closed, no future review is set up so don't forget to log in and set up the first regular review for that individual manually
  • if a review is closed by an Administrator using 'Edit', a future review is not set up automatically.

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