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Out-of-date, irrelevant, forgotten… these are the most frequent adjectives we hear when talking to people about their objectives set and reviewed during their performance appraisals. Yet we still agree that setting objectives is a good way to ensure the right things happen. That’s why we decided to make objectives on Appraisd a key priority from day one.

When we developed Appraisd, we wanted to make sure it would be effortless for you to stay on track and keep your objectives relevant – even if you have just 10 minutes spare on the way home from work. Simply log in to the Appraisd account on your phone, tablet or desktop, click Objectives and you have all of them at your fingertips. Update them or comment on the progress you have made as often as you like.

The beauty of this simple system is that it reduces the amount of work you need to do come appraisal time. No more scratching your head wondering what you achieved over the last 12 months, instead it’s all laid out ready for you to make your final comment: ‘Completed’.

It’s not just the fact that you’ve completed your objectives, but the way they’ve been done is also important.  How do we reflect this in Appraisd? A stream-like commenting system making it faster and easier to record your progress and to have a quick objectives-led 1-to-1 with your manager throughout the year.

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4 top tips to get the most out of objectives on Appraisd

  1. SMART: Appraisd objectives are Timed by default – but make sure you respond to all the questions to make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Relevant too. Some of our clients ensure relevance by asking employees to pick an overall strategic goals that their objective contributes to.
  2. Get the balance right. Set just the right number of objectives you can realistically achieve and keep track of – keeping yourself motivated and avoiding disappointment is vital.
  3. Review your objectives regularly – at least once a month. Most people work in environments where individual and organisational goals change all the time and keeping your objectives aligned is essential.
  4. Don’t be shy and ask your manager for regular informal 1-to-1 meetings to review your objectives. Regular feedback is a good way to optimise your performance and stay in the loop. And why not to keep it healthy at the same time by taking a walk? 


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