Appraisd update - Autumn 2016

We're delighted to announce many improvements and new features that have been added in recent months and are now available on your account at no extra cost.

As ever, we'd like to thank our clients for their suggestions that help us respond to what you, the real users of Appraisd, want and need.


New area: Configuration

"Settings" has become Configuration, and you can now find Configuration under the cog menu, top right:



As a user of Appraisd, you'll know that you and your account manager generally work on the configuration at the outset to make sure everything is set up the way you want it. After that, you might revisit it once or twice a year perhaps, so it makes sense to carve it out of the Administration Centre into a new place on its own.

We also want to help new customers get up and running with Appraisd quickly without being overwhelmed by all the choices. The new design of Configuration achieves this with it's cleaner layout and simpler design.

New colour scheme

All new accounts on Appraisd will be given our new colour scheme which we feel is more engaging and brighter. If you'd like to update your own account to use the new theme, please let us know and we'll do it for you. 


API now live

Our API is now live, enabling system-to-system integration such as your HR database automatically adding new joiners to Appraisd without you lifting a finger. More on our API here.

Private Profiles

Are there people in your HR team or elsewhere in the organisation who need to keep their objectives and reviews hidden from other administrators and moderators? If so you, need our new Private Profiles feature (scroll to the end).

Accessing an employee's appraisal / review history

By default, an employee's new manager can access the entire appraisal or review history for that person. This can now be disabled with the new configuration option.

Personal calendar feed

Any user can now add a feed of Appraisd events (objectives, reviews, reviews you manage etc) to their Outlook or Google calendar, or any calendar that supports and iCal web-feed.

See Adding your Appraisd calendar feed to Outlook, Google Calendar and others.

Single Sign On with SAML and Google Apps

Single sign on (SSO) means being able to log in to Appraisd without having to remember a password. Organisations able to use SSO have found greatly improved adoption from employees as it makes it so much easier to dip in and out of Appraisd.

If you're a Google Apps user, you can now log in with your Google ID easily.

For enterprise customers who use Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin or a similar SAML2.0 enabled identity provider, please ask us to enabled the SAML settings on your account.

Choose your own review / check-in / appraisal date

Enabling this new configuration option allows employees to set up their own reviews without waiting for their manager to do so. Feel free to go ahead an enable this on your account.

Administration Centre changes

There are two changes to the location of reports:

  • Since "Appraisals: List" was such an important and frequently referred-to report, we've moved it it's own tab on the main administration pages
  • If you use the Personal Development Plan or any other custom objectives, you'll now see a separate report for each type of objective

[screenshot of admin center tab menu with Reports menu expanded

In addition, you can now email the employee and manager of a new review you've set up for them, or changes you've made to one:

[screenshot of the appraisal edit popup highlighting the tick box at the bottom]

Other improvements we've made

  • If you're logged out due to inactivity, a popup login box lets you re-enter your password without reloading the page and losing any data you've typed in
  • When adding a new form, you get much broader range of form templates to build from
  • Many more helpful notices here and there to help everyone get around

Coming soon: New email design

We're updating the design of our email alerts and you'll notice the change to your account in the coming weeks. The new design makes things a bit clearer but also enables you to customise the banner colour:


In addition, you can add your own "Where to get help" text at the bottom of each email. Please set your custom help message in the new Configuration area.

One of the big changes is that objectives reminders will no longer contain details on the objective to ensure the privacy of sensitive information.

More coming soon...


  • Improved timezone support
  • Much faster People tab and Appraisals list
  • More API endpoints
  • Public job descriptions board


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