What's been going on at Appraisd in Q3

We don't want to bore you with a long list of all the updates we released, improvements we made, events we attended and people we talked to in past months so we thought summarising the three months of Quarter 3 2015 in three points would be just enough to keep you hooked...

1. Our CEO talks in Personnel Today about why Appraisd was born

"It’s about trying to help employees feel more empowered to set their own path through the organisation and ultimately to get where they want to be."

2. Feature highlight: Real-time training needs analysis

Did you know Appraisd can alert you when someone adds a personal development activity to their wishlist? Read more about this feature here.

3. Labs: Analyse your team

Wouldn't it be nice if your managers could produce their own reports on objectives, scores and comments for their direct reports and below? Well now they can thanks to a new Analyse your team feature we've been working on. It's not quite ready for prime time but if you'd like to enable a sneak preview for your managers, let us know.

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One more thing...

Hard works deserves a reward. Here we are, tucking in to some great drinks while chatting to fun and innovative people who all share an interest in the future of HR at a great event hosted by Corporate & Cocktails.


Photo by Corporate & Cocktails

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