Internal Communications Templates  

A selection of email templates to help you communicate your launch of Appraisd

1-month prior to launch

Subject: The way we get feedback, track goals and manage performance is changing 

Hi [first name], 

On [insert date] we will be launching a new platform called Appraisd [amend if using a different name] for tracking goals, getting feedback and managing performance. Appraisd is a user-friendly, engaging online tool that you can access at any point throughout the year that you can use to add and update your goals, give/receive feedback, have check-ins with your manager and complete reviews [amend as appropriate].

[Include how Appraisd will help your specific organisation]

<remove if not appropriate> Appraisd has been piloted across three different locations: London, Thailand and San Francisco with positive feedback, including:

“It was slick, effective and much easier to use”
“Very positive feedback in general. I found the system very intuitive, easy to use and accessible.”

We have customized it to work for us and we’ll specifically be using it for [insert unique process here]

Next steps and timings: 

  • You’ll be given access to Appraisd on [insert date] and invited to log in and familiarise yourself 
  • You will have the opportunity to attend one of the short online demo sessions [insert dates]
  • Before  your first review, you will want to add your objectives and personal development goals to Appraisd 
  • You'll be able to regularly enter progress updates on your objectives in Appraisd and complete check-ins with your line manager online 

If you have any questions for us, please contact HR at [HR email address]

1-day prior to launch

Subject: Look out for a welcome email from Appraisd tomorrow

Hi [first name],

As you know, we have been busy getting our new performance management platform ready for you to use. Appraisd will allow you to review your performance and the performance of your team members (if you’re a manager), track your goals/objectives and share feedback with your colleagues.

We have customized it to work for us and we’ll specifically be using it for [insert unique process here].

We’re very excited to announce that tomorrow will be our official launch day!

Please lookout for an email from Appraisd which will include a unique login link for you to create a password [reword if using SSO]. The email will also include some starter challenges for you to complete to explore the new system, learn how it works and discover the new functionality that will be available for you to use.

If you have any questions for us, please contact HR at [HR email address].

Launch day

Subject: Welcome to Appraisd

Hi [first name],

Welcome to Appraisd!

Appraisd is our new performance management platform that allows you to review your performance and those you may manage, track your goals/objectives and share feedback with your colleagues on the great work that they have been doing. 

Once you have logged in, why not complete these challenges to get on top of your performance management and get to know Appraisd better? [amend tasks as appropriate]

  1. By tracking the progress of goals/objectives, you can see how smaller tasks allowed you to achieve a larger goal/objective. For your first challenge, go to your Goals/Objectives tab and use the ‘set up a new goal/objective’ button to add a goal/objective to the system.
  2. Alongside role-focused goals/objectives, developing skills outside your career can make you a more well-rounded employee. Go to your development goals/PDP tab and ‘set up a new development goal/PDP’.
  3. Check-ins are a great way to have conversations about performance management outside of formal reviews. Click on the ‘start a check-in’ button to discuss your current work projects or wellbeing with your manager/team member.
  4. Try giving a colleague some instant feedback. You can do this by clicking on the 'Give feedback' button on your dashboard.

If you have any trouble setting up your account or completing the challenges, please contact HR at [HR email address] or Appraisd at