What do people say about Appraisd?

Appraisd has transformed our company review processes.

Employees access their reviews on a regular basis, update their objectives and create new objectives for themselves. There is structure to what we do now and much more interaction between management and staff.

Helen Taylor
Manager at McLernon Computers

Simple and Flexible with Great Customer Service

We struggled finding a simple review tool - everything else we looked at was part of a larger HR package and we didn't need the other items. Appraisd adapted to our needs and has become a simple tool we use to manage our staff. Customer service with this tool has been outstanding!

Leslie Feeney
Director Finance & Administration, Christ Community Church
Omaha, USA

We have been using Appraisd for about a year now and have always received great support from the team both in setting up and with any queries.

Its is easy to use. The appraisals are easy to set up and it gives us all the features we need to manage our appraisals with a diverse and spread out workforce

Lisa Cresswell
Operations Manager, BMG LABTECH

Great interface, user friendly system with clear instructions and excellent support workflows.

The guidance and support I've needed from the Appraisd team has always been exemplary too.

Brilliant stuff, keep up the good work!

Ben Edmonds
IT Programme and Change Manager, LLDC

Appraisd has been a major time saver - customer support is awesome

We wanted to streamline our review process and starting using Appraisd last year. It has taken so much stress off of the process. Our rep has been more than helpful in the initial setup and the continued support. I'm looking forward to more features in the future, but for right now, it's exactly what we need.

Sarah Ragsdale
Executive Assistant, Cratejoy

Great product and value add to your business

Appraisd was recently implemented in our business and currently just finished with the first full cycle of reviews/appraisals throughout the organization. The feedback gained from staff with reference from using the tool was very positive and great way of opening the communication channels within the different levels of the business. The automated approach, but yet still personal - make this the best tool (in my view) out there, after doing extensive research for an appropriate tool to use. Look forward seeing the tool add value to staff and ultimately the business.

Jakes Kruger
Financial & Operations Director, Rewired Digital
South Africa

A great user-friendly product with swift and hassle free setup. I would recommend Appraisd to any business wishing to improve their appraisal system. I have received much positive feedback regarding Appraisd from both Managers and Employees.

Kirsten Moss

Very easy to use. Simple to navigate your way around the system.

Our employees like the fact that the appraisal system is web based, meaning they can access their appraisal on any device, whether at work or at home. We have seen an increase in the amount that people write, compared to our previous paper based system.

The facility to ask other colleagues for feedback on individuals is excellent and very beneficial. As an administrator, it is very useful to be able to see what stage people are at with their appraisals, in terms of how many have been completed etc. The reporting facility is very straight forward and simple to use, and at the click of a button I can see what training needs there are in each department, and across the company as a whole.

Hayley Underwood
HR Manager, MRIB

Love Appraisd.

Simple... easy to use... and eye catching! Having worked with Appraisd for a year now I have found the system to be an excellent addition to our HR department. Its been easy to implement into the business and our staff have found it easy to use. The Customer Service is always of a good standard and we always get a quick response!

Dawn Wallington
HR Manager at CityIndex

Perfect for staff appraisals involving competencies and objectives. Fun and easy to use.

Very intuitive to use, setup and maintain. Also, the interface is clean and fun to use. Customer service is excellent, they are always willing to help and also improve according to your needs.

Anwar Saleem
CEO, Remit One

It is easy to use, versatile, a clean and fresh approach to performance management.

Easy to use, fast and responsive, fresh design, saves on paperwork, can be reviewed at any time, non-threatening, participative

Kathryn Bell
Director of Internal Operations, Rapiergroup

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